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"This has been a really enjoyable experience. I feel definitely like I'm growing. This is the only place I can go to learn about my voice."

-SWTC Student

"In addition to all aspects of voice, [Singers' teachers] excel in personalizing the instruction even in a group setting. Thank you!"

-SWTC Parent


"The guidance the teachers provide is unmatched."

-SWTC Parent 


"[My son] loves it.-- he loves it!


From Singers’ Workshops’ Parents:

How has your child described their experience in SW@TC?


THE BEST. So helpful and encouraging. SO much fun.”

“Extremely good. She had a lot of fun. A highlight of her week to go practice.”

Fun, engaging, and allowed her to grow your voice with confidence

“She liked the people and the songs and the process!”

“Great and lovely, everyone is so nice to each other, people worked collaboratively together, [my daughter] said that she can never get bored during these classes!”

What kinds of skills did your child develop through SW@TC?


“She sounds better when she sings. She feels more comfortable singing in front of a crowd, and does not over act. She feels good about herself, overall gained confidence in herself.”

Stronger singing and acting when singing, as well as social growth.”

Vocal control, pitch, social-emotional growth, better expressivity, more confidence with singing as part of a group and a soloist.”

Singing, musicianship, social-emotional skills were developed through their experience with the Singers’ Workshops.”


Helping kids take ownership of their voices – and their identities

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“He pretty much didn’t say boo,” Goffi-Fynn says. “He has a terrific voice, but lacked the confidence to match it. Then, during our joint performance efforts with Every Voice Choirs, connecting our voices with social justice in honor of Martin Luther King's birthday, he asked if he could sing ‘My Shot’ [the pull-out-the-stops verbal dazzler from Hamilton]. Now he’s requesting solos all over the place. His mother didn’t know – I told her, you’ve got to come see this.”


Some people say the eyes are the window to the soul, I say it’s the voice.
— Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Director of Singers' Workshops